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CAPABILITIES (detailed) Capabilities (detailed)

Qualitative Research Qualitative Research

Granite Research Consulting has considerable expertise in qualitative research. We have many years of experience performing focus groups and one-on-one interviews in a wide variety of consumer and business-to-business situations. In addition, we are experts in one-on-one interviewing techniques and are leaders laddering research and in the development of laddering analysis techniques. Our expertise lies in getting beneath the superficial issues to understand the "reasons behind the reasons," the factors actually motivating decision makers.
We conduct qualitative interviews with differing data collection methods:
  1. In-person interviews
  2. Telephone in-depth interviews.
  3. Online bulletin boards.
  4. Hybrid online-phone interviews.
  5. Focus groups

Laddering Laddering

Laddering is a theory-based approach to probing and analysis of one-on-one interviews. Through laddering, we can find the meaningful ways that the concrete product features of any category translate into emotional needs and values for consumers.

Positioning and Message Strategies Positioning and Message Strategies

The best strategies are based on a thorough understanding of customer needs and motivations. Positioning is about being different in a way that is relevant and motivating to customers, our research helps identify the different strategic options that are relevant and motivating to the target market. We are adept at using laddering, to identify positioning options, and have a number of tools for testing these options.

Advertising Testing Advertising Testing

Considering the cost of buying air-time, new ads should be tested and analyzed at every step of development to ensure they are delivering the positioning message that was intended. We offer comprehensive strategic input on developing advertising strategies and messages, as well as expert evaluation and testing of client and competitive executions.

Concept testing and animatic testing ensure that finished ads are getting the right message across.

Qualitative research quickly and economically pinpoints the meanings the audience receives from a message, which may or may not be the message the advertiser intended to send.

Qualitative findings can help fine tune advertisements, by identifying effective or distracting elements in the ads that can be easily remedied through editing or voice-overs.

Idea Generation Idea Generation

New product ideas can come from customers, designers, marketers, manufacturers, or from the sales force. We have a range of tools to use in idea generation and, generally, we recommend a combination of techniques. In-depth interviews and focus groups with customers, followed up by focus groups and ideation sessions with in-house experts, typically generate a plethora of possible directions, tempered with in-house assessments of ability and cost.

Selling Strategy Selling Strategy

Every sales encounter is unique, and top sales people adapt their persuasive appeals to their customers' needs. By conducting research with both customers and successful members of the sales force, we develop both a list of persuasive appeals and the cues that sales personnel should look for when deciding the appropriate selling strategies.

These serve as a strong component for developing sales training programs.

The information gained from the sales force can be valuable intelligence to marketing executives on competition.

Sales staff feedback can give early warning signs of customer behavior/ need changes.

Segmentation and Targeting Segmentation and Targeting

“Actionable” is a key word for our segmentation approaches. Effective segmentation is implicit to any successful positioning or advertising study.

We use multiple approaches to segmentation, such as cluster and canonical correlation analyses, depending on the situation.

The best segmentations link actionable demographics and behaviors with product preferences and benefits sought.

Segmentation analysis is the basis for making strategic targeting decisions. Any segmentation analysis should be extended to address the following questions:

  • Should markets be differentiated?
  • What messages are most appealing to each segment?
  • Will an undifferentiated message be effective in reaching all segments?
  • Should different products be developed to target specific markets?

Positioning and Advertising Positioning and Advertising

We provide thorough analysis of client and competitive positioning strategies to answer the following questions:

  • How important are the brand characteristics associated with your brand to your customers and prospects?
  • Do these brand characteristics differentiate you from your competition?
  • What are the positioning options available to your brand?

We offer comprehensive strategic input on developing advertising strategies and messages, as well as expert evaluation and testing of client and competitive executions:

  • Qualitative groups and one-on-ones
  • Copy assessment and diagnosis
  • Strategic analysis of competitor advertising

Concept Testing Concept Testing

After ideas have been generated, concept testing helps refine the concepts: weed out those with lower potential, and identify those concepts with exceptional potential.

Feature Analysis Feature Analysis

We employ a variety of quantitative methods for evaluating features for new products, depending on characteristics of the product, the purchase situation and the customers involved. These include choice tradeoff techniques such as conjoint analysis or other quantitative methods.

Pricing Pricing

We use the van Westendorp Method for price sensitivity measurement. It’s based on the premise that there is a range of prices you can charge bounded by a maximum someone is willing to pay and a minimum below which credibility is in doubt. Four key questions are asked for various price points of a product or service:

  • At what price would you consider the product to be cheap, that is, inexpensive?
  • At what price would you consider the product to be expensive?
  • At what price would you consider the product to be so inexpensive that you would question its quality?
  • At what price would you consider the product to be so expensive that you would not even consider buying it?

The output helps you understand pricing options and identifies the optimal pricing point for your product or service.

Customer Loyalty
and Satisfaction
Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Key ingredients of any customer acquisition or retention program are learning...

What is important to the customer?

What are customer expectations and unmet needs?

How are we performing relative to the competition?

What are customer barriers to change?

Our experience includes baseline measurements and transactional surveys using a variety of techniques and measures including Kano Modeling, as well as conducting research in support of Six Sigma Programs.

Financial Officer Omnibus Studies Financial Officer Omnibus Studies

Granite Research offers two Financial Officer Omnibus Services.
  • Large Company - Chief Financial Officers and Treasurers randomly selected from a national sample of companies with headquarters in the US and with more than $750M in sales.

  • Middle Market - Senior/Chief Financial Officers and Treasurers randomly selected from each of 4 regional samples. Middle market companies are defined as those with annual sales $10 to $500 MM. You may participate on a national or regional basis.

The Financial Omnibus gives you an alternative to designing a custom study. Adding questions to our ongoing quarterly Omnibus study can save you both time and expense.

The typical interview includes a variety of subjects - one of which may be yours. As with any omnibus study, the questionnaire consists of input from a few clients. Examples of questionnaire topics are advertising recall, image perceptions, attitudes toward outsourcing, reactions to news events, etc.

We will help you develop your questions and will treat your participation, questions, and findings with confidence.

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